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BPPM assists and empowers you to complete projects on time and within budget while satisfying requirements by:

(a)    equipping you with the tools and techniques of project management planning

(b)    offering you affordable consultancy services and practical advice

(c)    providing you with an on-line and on-site project management course

(d)    giving you insight into how others have completed similar projects

Project Plan Development  

BPPM will produce your Project plan in stages, starting with project definition and ending with project closeout. This can be done on-line, on-site or a mixture of both dependant on practical considerations. There is no one-size fits all and the process can be completed with an individual or a group from within your company. For a free consultation, contact me with a brief description of your project.

Continuity Plans

For example contingency and disaster recovery plans are critical to ensuring your business can survive unforeseen events and unplanned disasters. Contingency and disaster recovery plans provide step-by-step procedures to recover disrupted systems, and they help organisations resume normal operations.

Access to Project Templates & Previews

You can learn first-hand how our project plan development is implemented for numerous projects by viewing BPPM's templates, practical project example, sample project plan, sample Requests for Proposal and much more. A username and password is required to gain access to the full detailed version of the project plan Template and some other project materials.  Everyone who follows BPPM's company page on its social network platform and contacts us by email stating what social network platform they have followed, will be given the access code by email which entitles them to one Free Membership. You can proceed to the members area once this process is completed and you receive your access code.

Project Management Consultancy Service 

BPPM's consultancy service will assist you getting a project that is out of control back on track through a critical examination of the fundamentals of project planning as applied to your project, starting with project definition and ending with project closeout. BPPM will apply tried and tested tools and techniques of project management to your existing project to enable you get back on track and successfully complete your project.

BPPM's Consultancy Service

There are three strands to BPPM's consultancy service.

1. Payroll Management

Payroll is the amount of wages paid by a company to its employees. Processing payroll correctly is complicated and requires planning. Payroll is the strongest bond between the business owners and the workers that operate the business.  

Payroll requires employee masterfile data and other employee details to operate. BPPM has produced a number of Articles and Analyses to assist with project analysis.The examination of The Critical Success Factors for implementing the SAP system, called PPARS in the Western Health Board (WHB) area is an example of a detailed study undertaken by BPPM, where the strategy of using the implementation to drive business process change was highlighted as a factor contributing to project complexities.

2. Change Management

 BPPM assists the Business and Voluntary Community with analysis of the external and internal environment. Examples of where BPPM has alerted businesses to adapt to the changing environment are:

Project Implementation Plan for Private Ltd Companies

Planning For Brexit

Company Innovation Scheme

Google My Business

3. Delivering Successful Outcomes.

BPPM works directly with Individuals and Businesses to manage projects on a contract basis.

The majority of BPPM's clients on the consultancy side present with  a mixed bag that normally consists of a number of unordered tasks, a couple of objecives, a loosely thought out time frame, little or no consideration of risk, a basic understanding of costs and high expectations.

Project Management Course

The key to a successful project is in planning. Creating a project plan is the first thing to do when undertaking any kind of project. The project plan is the most important document for the project and answers the why, what, how, who, how much, and when of the project. BPPM's course brings participants through the planning stage of their respective projects. On completion of the course each participant will be equipped with the project plan and the project management tools and techniques to enable them manage their projects effectively.

Completed Project Plans

A project consists of a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result. Although every project is unique, approximately 80% of all projects have been completed in some manner previously. What makes projects unique is the 20% that relates specifically to their situation. For example approximately 80% of all traditional weddings are planned in a similar fashion. The options you choose and the resources available when planning your wedding make your wedding unique. BPPM has a number of personal, do-it-yourself and other project plans, available for download.

Project Plans

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