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Boyle Payroll Project Management

Boyle Payroll Project Management was formed in 2012 and is registered as Boyle Practical Project Management with the Companies Registration Office (BPPM Effective Date 29/03/2012  CRO Reg No 463423).

Payroll Processing

BPPM specialises in payroll processing and reporting, using Sage Payroll (formerly known as Micropay Professional). As an outsource payroll provider BPPM has experienced many changes within the payroll processing field since 2012. There has been an increased demand for outsourced payroll providers since Payroll Modernisation was introduced in 2019. The demand for our services has also been fueled in the past 12 months with the introduction of Temporary Wage Subsidies due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For the present BPPM is focused primarily on small to medium size businesses with less than 50 employees. For these businesses, the general benefits for outsourcing payroll lie with the elimination for the need of separate payroll software, licenses, support, and on-going training. For those businesses thinking of outsourcing their payroll BPPM has some pointers on choosing an outsourced payroll provider.

Our processes are practical and suited to meet our client’s requirements to provide for the payment of wages in compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.What makes BPPM unique lies in its unwavering service to the employees of our clients. One does not have to look any further than the tools BPPM offer to assist employees to:

a. Calculate their take home pay independent from their payslip.
b. Calculate their entitlement to TWSS (applies to 2020 only).
c. Calculate virtual scenarios like how much they would get into their hand for working 12 hours overtime or taking a promotion.
d. Calculate their end of Year Liabilities for Income Tax and Universal Social Charge.
e. Verify Revenue Statements with income recieved.

Project Management

Project management is a growing field used increasingly by individuals and businesses of all sizes. As entrepreneurs, business start-ups, pioneers and company executives deal with the daily operations, it is important to use proven project management tools and techniques to oversee projects from conception to completion. Understanding effective project management techniques helps individuals and businesses to deliver out both small and large-scale projects successfully. BPPM is an international company with customers just like you in five continents. With headquarters in Ireland, the primary objective of the company is to assist and empower you to complete new projects. This is achieved by equipping you with the tools and techniques of Project Management, and by giving you insight into how others have completed similar projects. BPPM is about achieving exactly what it is you want with the resources available to you. BPPM works with you to plan personal projects, startup projects or improvement projects within your established company. The BPPM approach is a practical method of introducing project management tools and techniques to new managers,while also planning their respective projects.

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