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Why should I choose Boyle Practical Project Management?

You should choose BPPM as it is our mission to satisfy your requirements. If you cannot decide based on information contained on this website then feel free to make further enquiries.

Who is the project management course for?

The project management course is for persons:
* currently working or about to commence a project.
* wanting to develop project management planning skills.
* requiring a working knowledge of BPPM’s approach to project planning.
* Wishing to apply project management tools and techniques to any project within any industry.

Are there any prerequisites?

Each participant, as part of the course,  must have a project to complete. Participants enrolling in this course should be planning to lead a project or be part of a project team. A working knowledge of word and spreadsheet processing packages is desirable.

What is covered in the project management course? 

* essential principles, tools and techniques of project management planning
* stakeholder analysis
introduction to project management information systems
BPPM planning framework for success
managing risk
procuring products and services
budget/cost management
project communication
project reporting
putting it all together

Does BPPM provide on-site services for companies?

Yes - our in-company programme can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of individual clients. In-company training is a convenient and cost effective training method designed to give the client flexibility in terms of specific areas of interest. However, this service is currently available only to Irish-based companies.

Is the course accredited?

The course is accredited by the company in which the project is to be implemented, upon successful completion of the course and dependant on project plan approval.

Course participants from a diverse range of  companies have had projects plans which they completed as part of the course implemented within their respective companies.

The practical course is designed to assist you with the completion of your project plan. The production of the project plan involves using the essential processes within project management. Your proof of completing the course is witnessed by BPPM. The project plan is aproved by a qualified person on behalf of the company in which the planis to be implemented.

The course assignments and project plan are examined thoroughly and are deliberately structured in building blocks to equip you with a strong set of business tools and techniques that will assist you with your current and future projects. The course assignments will demand that you learn the fundamental theory, know how to use the tools and techniques of project management and be in a position to apply them practically.
The more work and effort you put in, the greater the reward and the greater satisfaction you will gain. The Accreditation Award is only made to candidates who complete the course and have their projects approved.