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Companies Act 2014

Table of Contents
  1. Companies Act 2014
    1. Re-Registration
    2. Name Change
    3. New Constitution
    4. Complete Text of Companies Act 2014
    5. Delivering The Companies Act
      1. Project Implementation Plan for Private Ltd Companies
      2. Designated Activity Companies (DAC) 
      3. Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG)
      4. Action Items - Format and Content 
      5. Next Steps

As per the CRO companies wishing to a. re-register b. change their name or c. adopt a new constitution, can do so by using one of the following methods:


 (a) re-register to a different company type by filing a Form D20, Special Resolution, new Constitution and filing fee of €60 (see CRO Information Leaflet No 35 for more information).

Application to Re-Register Company Type and Statement of Compliance Form D20

Name Change

 (b) change their name by filing a G1Q, Special Resolution, amended Constitution and fee of €50 if filed on line/€100 on paper.

Change of Company Name Special Resolution G1Q

New Constitution

 (c) adopt a new Constitution by filing a G1 Special Resolution which is free if filed online/€30 on paper

Companie Act 2014 - Special Resolution Form

Complete Text of Companies Act 2014

It may take two attempts to establish 100% access to the document.
Companies Act 2014

Delivering The Companies Act

Project Implementation Plan for Private Ltd Companies

Companies Act 2014 Implementation Plan

Designated Activity Companies (DAC) 

Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG)

Boyle Practical Project Management has designed a course specifically for assisting companies to customise the project implementation plan to suit their individual needs. Companies most suited for participation in this course

Designated Activity Companies (DAC) 
Companies Limited by Guarantee (CLG)

Action Items - Format and Content 

Lesson 1: Introduction                                    Lesson 2: Framework for success

Lesson 3: Work package                                 Lesson 4: Time schedule

Lesson 5: Resources                                         Lesson 6: Cost

Lesson 7: Facilitating processes                      Lesson 8: Complete project plan

Next Steps

Participants wishing to participate in this course must be nominated by a Company Director. The course is free at point of delivery. Companies participating in the course may if they so wish, make a voluntary contribution during or following course completion. Complete the comment form below (including company name, your name, job description and email) or send email to on or before 29th December if you wish to register for this course.
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